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Michelle is experienced in recording in a variety of genres, including folk fiddle styles, psych-rock, singer-songwriter, Early Music and Chamber Music styles on violin, fiddle, viola, vielle, rebec, and voice. 

She can work with sheet music, chord charts, play by ear, and/or she can also create her own arrangements and improvisations as needed. Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.

The Monophonics: Strange Love, on the album Sound of Sinning  (2015)
(Please note, this video is not appropriate for kids.)

The Monophonics: Falling Apart, on the album Sound of Sinning (2015)

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Simple Servants Fiddle Clip - Michelle O'Connor (Levy) & Jacqueline Schwab
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Documentary by Dawson Grau: Simple Servants: The Story of the Lewis County Mennonites (2014) sample audio clip

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sample track - Michelle O'Connor & Shira Kammen
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Self-Produced: Forces of Nature (2012)

Istanpitta Early Music Ensemble: Chevrefoil (Re-release, re-mastered edition 2010)
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Abby Green: Fig For A Kiss (2010)
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Maia Archote: Oasis (2010)

Diane Linn: Tales of the Trickster (2009)
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Istanpitta: Exiled (2007) 
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Owl Morrison: Playing With Matches (2007) 
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Ian Fitzgerald: Former Glory (2007)
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Owain Phyfe: Lagrimas de Sangria: Canciones Hispanoamericanas (2006)
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Sarah Marie Mullen: The Wild Woods (2006)
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